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When I was in the 5th grade I had a teacher who was obsessed with Harry Potter. She would make us do assignments and projects all Harry Potter related. Her classroom was filled with Harry potter posters. She would often tell us she would’ve loved to teach at Hogwarts. The strange thing about this teacher was that when nobody was watching she would talk to crows and fed them. She told me she had three black cats and lived alone. During a field trip some kids where misbehaving and she told them if they didn’t stop, one of them would brake an arm. The kids continued to misbehave until one indeed broke an arm! The ambulance had to arrive and our field trip was ruined. I then caught my teacher with an evil smile on her face. 
Every Friday she would dress all in black with a robe and literally lock us in the room in complete darkness. She would then tell us she was not our teacher, but a witch, another entity! Her voice would change and so did her personality. I believed she also said she prayed on children. Of course us being kids we would laugh and play along it was fun….. But now that I am older I often start to think about it….. My teacher was not faking it…. 
She indeed was a witch!

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